Half Posts & Happiness

I don't know how to write about happiness. 
I can write about love, lies, and anger and how you feel when someone dies.
 I can tell you how it feels to be abused and all those words that society can't use. 
 I can tell you about drugs and watching people high.
 I can write about loneliness. 
About fear, about faith. 
But, I don't know how to write about happiness
....because I don't know that feels.
I asked myself, but do I? 
Do I know what happiness feels like? 
Maybe it's just something that I've never thought about before.
 I've never taken a moment to say - this is it - this is happiness.  
Someone once told me it was the times I spent in school, the hours I spent for others. 
The love I give to people. The millions of hours I spend running around trying not to think about happiness. 
It's in the two seconds where I have to breath, that is my happiness. 
The second that I realize that people are smiling because I am there.
It's not what the world calls happiness.
 They call it something like sitting in a large house or being the prettiest person there was 
or sitting on a beach with the sun setting before your eyes with an array of colors that take your breath away. You know those moments that take my breath away though? 
Those are the moments the steal some sort of happiness, 
because instead of pausing to think it just disappeared. 
Some moment took it away from me.
The thing about this type of happiness, 
is that I don't really realize it's happiness until the moment in which is disappears. 
So I decided to hold happiness in my hands. 
I gave in and I gave up. 
Happiness, if you'd like to come - I'm here!
I'll find you, 
because you're all around me. 
My mind began dwelling on all the happiness lately. 
The Mormon Miracle Pageant
The Gospel 
Holding Hands
Climbing Mountains
Vanquishing Boredom
Installing Wires
Cord Contraptions
New Shoes
Ice Cream
New Tricks
I've got lots of happiness to hold in my hands. 
So for now, 
know that your names are written on the back of my happiness paper, 
and they're just waiting for more opportunities. 
Oh, and here is a half post - 
I don't know where to put it...
Names I am madly in love with. 
Did I tell you I want four kids? 
Well I want for kids world. 
No middle child? Yep. 

Sophia Marie
Adelaide Mae
Charles James
Kylee Jane 

(subsequently I would have Sophie, Addie, Charlie and Kylee - cute family? I think yes)

Happiness & Half Posts - you make me smile. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.