Someone Like You

Today I tried to work the coffee maker to get hot water,
for what?
Ramen Noodles.
I couldn't work it - eventually it just started spraying boiling water at my face. did I cook them?
Heated water in the microwave and then steam cooked them.
Emma Fail? I believe so.
You know I may not be able to cook Ramen Noodles with a coffee maker,
but I'm a National Healthcare Issues Master --
no really, that's what they called it.
It's kinda like being a Ninja.
I also was the only one recognized for service for the state of Utah.
Ya. National Champ right here.
Thanks Heavenly Father - he really has blessed my life.

I  took a step back and looked at the world today.
I thought about how he has this amazing plan for me.

I closed my eyes and thought of you. 
I listened to your voice, 
and spent my time reminding myself that we're just friends. 
And that's okay with me.
I missed hearing your voice, 
Because I missed hearing your witty comments. 
I missed hearing about your dreams. 
So, thank you.
I'm waiting for the next part of the plan, 
maybe it'll include learning how to work a coffee maker
-- for noodles. You know. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.