vanquishing boredom this summer -HIYA!-

things I will do this summer
Make a mixed CD of my favorite songs and title it "The soundtrack of my life"
Swing on the swings at the park
Make popsicles in your freezer
Buy some crayons and a coloring book
Read Eat.Pray.Love. 
Create a floor plan of my dream home
Go have a Picnic 
Create a favorite things in Provo scavenger hunt
Go on a date or two or three
Go stargazing with my app
Buy lemonade from one of the neighborhood kids
Dance in the rain
Have a bubble photo shoot
Do something whimsical 
Have a relaxation session 
Spend a day reading in Barnes & Noble
Buy a $5 pizza and find someone to share it with 
Bake cupcakes and decorate them
Go bowling
Go to DI at least twice more and get some thrifted clothing
Lick an entire ice cream cone 

[more will be added soon]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me. 

By: Emma Marie.