YSA 261 -- Here I come.....& some confessions

Confession #1: I am thrifty. 
I refuse to buy anything unless I really love it &/or it is really inexpensive. 
Even if I did love it. I wait.
 Like those shoes, I waited three months for those, crazy I know. 
Basically, I'm a deal hunter. 
See that white t-shirt? $2, 
See that skirt? $4
See that belt? $0.50
See those shoes? $10
See that necklace? $1
See that lace undershirt? $1
See that face? Priceless. 
Ya - I know, ridiculous.

Confession #2: The YSA ward scares me. 
It's not that it is full of scary people, or creepers (at least most of them ;])
But, it means I have to be a brave little soul again. 
There are lots & lots & lots of new people. 
Really it means entering "real life" or at least this new part of it. 
It scares me. It does. 
So I bought a new skirt to help me be brave and face the world. 

Tell me, does it matter that I'm so thrifty?
Tell me, does this skirt say, "Hi, I'm Emma. I'm fun, friendly and really nice. Let's be friends?"
I hope so. I hope so. 

Brave little Emma, here I go - YSA 261, yes ward, here I come. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.